Renting with Pets

If you - like me - are renting with your pets you know how tough the NZ market can be, especially in the bigger towns it can feel almost impossible sometimes! There's nothing worse than not knowing what to do with your beloved pet when your options seem to run out. A good starting point, however, is to nail the application part to a tee.

1) Build your Pet CV

Your Pet CV is a crucial part of the application process when you're applying for a rental. This is the first impression the landlord and/or property manager get of your pet, and you as an owner. If you have more than one pet, make a CV for each of them individually. You should treat your rental application just like you are applying for a job.

The pet CV could include:

  • Your Responsible Dog Ownership License Number

  • Council Registration Number

  • Microchip Number

  • Name & Date of Birth/Age

  • Gender/Desexed

  • Breed/Size

  • Type of coat

  • Vaccinations/Regular flea treatments

  • Insurance

  • Favourites & Dislikes

  • Whether if your dog bark

  • What does your dog do during the day?

  • Training and training courses accomplished (include any certificates you have received)

  • Vet details

  • References - ideally at least 1 previous landlord & dog walker/doggy daycare/dog trainer. Anyone who has doubt with your dog on a personal & more professional level can work!

Make sure to include some photos of your pet and make your CV nice & stylish!

2) Make clear arrangements with your landlord

Approach this from a point of understanding rather than dismay - your landlord is about to consider handing over their house in your care. You need to assure them that you can take care of their home, even with your pets on tow. Unfortunately, it's illegal in NZ for the landlord to ask for or agreeing to a pet bond, however, these ideas might make the landlord feel a little more at ease with choosing you as their new tenant:

  • Offer to pay an extra $20-30 on top of the rent for your pet.

  • Offer to pay the maximum amount of bond (4 weeks).

  • Offer to do a yearly steam clean of carpets (if the house got any)

  • Offer to pay for the final clean upon moving from the property.

  • Make clear arrangements in regards to what will happen if your pet causes any damage

  • Request that a Pet Clause is added to your contract containing your arrangements.

While there is never a guarantee the above will get you the next rental you apply for, it should increase your chances significantly.

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