Something new is coming...

Pet Fairy is going through a revamp!


Unfortunately, we are no longer a mostly service-based business. It has taken me a wee while to get to this point since I started Pet Fairy with the intention of offering great pet care in my local community, but I have been led in an entirely different direction as I was offered a great opportunity I couldn't say no to (financially and interest wise). Unfortunately, this meant our service based business suffered and will be cut out entirely. 

So, something new is coming to Pet Fairy! We will be going 100% online serving not just our local community, but all of Aotearoa. 

Since we are in lockdown NOW is a great time to revamp - please be patient with us while we change up our game and keep an eye out on our socials. Our subscribers and followers will be the first to know when we are ready for this next big step taking the Pet Fairy brand to a whole new, but exciting, journey! 

While in level 4 in Auckland we won't be dispatching orders - but feel free to pop through your order at any time and we will dispatch as soon as we go down to level 3. 

Please be patient with us while we switch up some crucial elements of our website.