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Emergency Pet Taxi


We currently service the following postcodes in Auckland's North Shore: 0626, 0627 & 0629

Free pet taxi to Glenfield Emergency Vet or ARC Emergency Clinic 

The Why, When, How

Sometimes we are not prepared for the worst-case scenario. Your partner took the car to work this morning, you're a teen and your parents are at work unable to get home quickly, you're elderly or maybe you don't have a car and never learned to drive... 


The reasonings are many and in an emergency situation the last thing you need to worry about is how to get your beloved furbaby to the emergency vet, instead, you can call a Pet First Aider to assist you as a part of our emergency pet taxi initiative - one of our more unique pet services. 


What will happen when you reach out; 


  • You will be asked if you have called ahead to Glenfield Emergency Clinic or ARC Emergency Clinic and if they are expecting you. 

  • You will be asked for your details, what happened, the size of your pet & age, whether if your pet is conscious and address where we need to meet you. 

  • When we arrive we will assist where we can and make them as comfortable as possible. In the worst-case scenario, we are able to perform CPR. 

  • Once the pet is in the car we will head straight to the emergency clinic. Depending on the situation and size of your pet we can take 1 or 2 people along in the car. 

  • We will leave you & your pet at the vet to determine the next step. You would need to organise your own transport to get home. 


This is a voluntary service and completely FREE. Do bear in mind I am only one person, so if you're unable to get through please try one of the suggestions below.   


While this service is free we would like you to consider donating towards our organisation/rescue of the month. You can see more about this months not-for-profit HERE.  

Need Help Now?

 Is your pet hurt and need immediate vet attention but you're unable to get there? 

Your first point of call should be one of these options below:


Once you have made arrangements with Glenfield Emergency Clinic or ARC Emergency clinic, please try call & text our emergency pet taxi service on 0204 0196 235 and we will do what we can to get to you ASAP.

Note, currently, our volunteer numbers are very low. If you're unable to get through please consider booking an Uber Pets. Our lovely community pages often have very helpful people too. 

Help! What if I am not in either of the specified postcode areas?

Unfortunately, we are not able to assist outside of our current service area. Please try these options: 

  • Contact your vet or the nearest vet to you. 

  • Search for the nearest emergency clinic to you on Google and call them directly.

  • Uber has now an option called Uber Pets which would allow you to bring your fur baby. 

  • Some rescue organisations in your nearby area might be able to assist you. 

  • Make a post in your local community group, someone might be able to take you.