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There are some amazing nonprofit organisations & rescue groups in New Zealand and we here at Pet Fairy are grateful for the work they do. We attempt to donate 10% of our profits to a nonprofit organisation that in particular work with or care for animals.  




May 2021

Christchurch BorderCollie Haven Rescue & Rehoming

As a Border Collie owner myself, there's no doubt this rescue has a special place in my heart. The owner is lovely and I see her around constantly ready to jump in and assist whenever and however she can - even if the rescue is in the opposite end of the country she will find a way! As a newer rescue who are working hard for a breed I absolutely adore, there's no doubt in my mind they deserve all the help they can get. Unfortunately, as any rescue money and hands-on-deck are always small, so anything they get truly goes towards the welfare of the dogs. 

Donation Proof

We get it! Some might be choosing to buy from us or use our services due to us supporting animal-focused nonprofits. It's important to us that you know the money is going EXACTLY where we say it's going, whether if it's the 10% of our profit or a dollar you have donated through our site yourself.  


If you donate a dollar it will be stored in a separate account referenced with your order number alongside 10% of our profitable income. A screenshot of all these payments will be taken and included in the donor's notification email by the end of the month + they will be able to be found here on our page.