You can rest easy knowing you and your pets are covered

We understand that everything feels uncertain right now not knowing if there's a lockdown around the corner or if it's worth even going away. While we can't help you make a decision as to whether if you decide to go away or not, there is a couple of things we CAN assure you:

  • If you have booked our services and we go into level 3 lockdown or above you are entitled to a FULL refund if we need to cancel the service, regardless of how much notice we have been given. 

  • Should we go into lockdown while we are carrying out a service for you, we will continue to do so while you're away. As long as there is a booking in place we should be good to continue, but do bear in mind that they could change what is deemed an essential service - in the worst-case scenario your pet will continue to be cared for in our loving home environment <3. 

  • If we are so unlucky that you're unable to come back on the arranged end date I will continue caring for your pet(s) until you're able to get back for free. This could be at your home or our home depending on alert levels. 

  • If our services continue we will continue a high level of care of your pets, introducing facemasks & more frequent hand-sanitisation/washing and wear gloves when possible to minimise the risk for you & your family.