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Our Story

The Pet Fairy has been providing Kiwi pets care for years through third-party providers, but in 2021 we decided to start our own locally-owned and personable pet care business for pet owners living in Auckland's North Shore. The joy and satisfaction of seeing pet owners with their animals are extremely rewarding. We want as many people as possible to feel the way we do about animals, so we work with our customers to educate them, and provide them with everything they and their pets need for a fantastic life together.


From pet care to toys, to cute accessories for your animal friends, The Pet Fairy has it all.





My name is Rikke and I am the owner of Pet Fairy NZ. I have always been extremely passionate about animals. If you ask my parents, they have a long list of stories of me running off to cuddle, rescue or just simply spend time with any animal I could get close to - from guinea pigs to dogs and even cows!!


I am the proud owner of a Border Collie by the name Lily (3) and consider myself an experienced pet sitter after offering my services through pages like Pawshakes & more privately in Denmark & New Zealand for over 10 years - this finally now has led me to start Pet Fairy in hopes of providing quality pet care services. I am a qualified pet first aider, taken a dog behavioural course and got a varied background covering customer service, administration & public service. I hope you, as an owner, find something great on this page! Whether if it's booking a house visit, one of our puppy/kitten bundles, a pet taxi appointment or just simply something great from the webshop x


With Care,